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12224 Klingerman Street
El Monte, CA, 91732
United States

I am a freelance photographer based in New York City. Works include Documentation, Fine Art, Fashion and Wedding. I like to put some creative ideas in each shooting and let the couples have a special and unique story only belonging to them with natural feeling and genuine emotion. 

About Me



About My Photography

I studied art program and Fine Art Photography in SUNY New Paltz and got my BFA Degree as honor student in summer 2013. My senior studio project was shown at BFA Thesis Exhibition in Dorsky Museum. Fine Art and Documentation Photography is my major focus on and my favorite thing to insist on.

I like to have creative ideas in the shooting and make the special story only belonging to the newlyweds with natural feeling and genuine emotion. You can find out documentary style in my photos. You can see the aesthetics sense in my photoshoot as well. Sometimes, documentary photos are hard to understand, and taste like a plain yogurt. People have to know more about the story behind the scene to understand deeply. Visual art photos are easily catch people’s attention and make them just love it at first sight. What I doing for wedding photography is making a balance between documentary and visual art. I always make the non-traditional and offbeat photos. That’s why I put some sugar, fruit and nut into it as connection of Documentary and Visual Art to make the plain yogurt become granola for you. When you gonna taste it, you can feel that I am born to be a chief, an artist, and aesthetic sense hidden in my bones.

I am based in LA and NYC and encouraged for travel. Feel free to contact me for the wedding and engagement service by E-mail:                


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